This is a Grundy Tank
This is a Grundy Tank. It’s a tank used to store, condition and ferment beer in the brewing process. They used to be used in the basement of pubs in the U.K. Now we can rent or lease them to you!


What is the definition of a Grundy Tank?

Grundy Tank Definition: Grundy Tanks by definition are based on large tanks that were used in UK pub cellars in the 1950’s and 1960’s to directly dispense beer from the cellar. They were mass produced for use during different parts of the brewing operation.

What the Grundy Tank is today:

The North American craft brewing industry adopted the term “Grundy Tank”. Since the 1980’s Grundy tanks have been a part of the American craft brewing industry. Grundy Tanks are used by beer brewers for storage, conditioning, fermentation and other stages of beer brewing, some even as serving tanks or storage tanks. Grundy tanks are made of stainless steel which helps preserve flavor integrity. Today Grundy Tanks can be 7 or 3.5 barrels US.